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The Samain-Community in Arnleithen

The owner of the estate, who had lovingly restored the place, was taken with the idea of the riders to live here, to own horses and meadows and to grow in community. So he let the place to the community. In December 1996 Barbara Heinrich and a friend signed the lease contract and after renovation of the apartments they were the first to move to Arnleithen on February 1st, 1997.

So from 1997 on the place is a home for a community with their horses, a place for meeting and adventure, a place to live a dream together.

Some years later another chummy place was founded in the Oberpfalz, the Samainhof.

From Arnleithen people moved to the Samainhof, others came to Arnleithen. So the community of today was established.

For the 4 friends dream came true when they finally bought the farm in 2014. Arnleithen is now our home, for us, for our horses, for the goats and a cat - and all our friends to live and to celebrate lifetime. (read more)

Renovierung 1996

The renovation stars in 1996 and in spring 1997 Barbara enjoys the first warm days in the garden behind the farmhouse. Barbara 1997

In spring 1997 the first fences are built for the common horse meadows. It's great to have many friends to help!
Zaunbau 1997

Winter 1997 Winter 1997 - our first winter in Arnleithen. The horses enjoy the snow and running around in our meadows.
Geburtstag 1999 Garten 1999 Soon, the farmhouse and the garden in Arnleithen become a place to meet for many friends, a place for communication, for being together, to celebrate (photos of 1998 and 1999).
The friends love Arnleithen as a starting point for long trekking rides, there is enough space for trailers and horses on our meadows. Highlights - especially for the kids - are the hikes with packing horses, which are organized by Anna and Barbara (1999). Wanderreiter 1999 Packpferdewanderung 1999
Zaunbau 2001 2001 we get more meadows, and again many frienss are helping to build the fences.
Sommer 2001 There are special highlights each year: the meetings of all friends, often more than 40 riders and some coaches, in summer or spring. These events are still organized and supported by the Arnleithen community. In 2002 a big summer-seminar took place in Arnleithen, in the following years up to now there are meetings with wonderful rides on Whitsunday weekend. Ausritt 2001
The central topic of these community meetings is friendship, having fun together, sing and making music, performing shows with the horses, ...
Sommer 2002 Sommer 2002 Sommer 2002 Sommer 2002
... and a breeze of Wild West and freedom and adventure ... Sommer 2002 Sommer 2002
Pfingsten 2014 Pfingsten 2014 Pfingsten 2014 Pfingsten 2014



... and the big rides to wonderful places.


(photos of summer 2002 and Whitsunday 2014)

(read more - sorry, not yet translated)

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Arnleithen Lebensgemeinschaft Islandpferde Pottenstein Bauernhof

Arnleithen Lebensgemeinschaft Islandpferde Pottenstein Bauernhof

Arnleithen Lebensgemeinschaft Islandpferde Pottenstein Bauernhof